Basic Guidelines

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    Basic Guidelines
    Here are Basic Guidelines For Webmasters submitting to
    Violating any of these guideline,will make permanent ban of sites

    Basic Submission Rules:

    1. Back-links ( must be added containing in all submitted pages.
    2. Each submited entry must link directly to the download page.
    3. All submitted pages must contain HTTP links for specified download.
    4. Do not submit Torrents, e Mule, FTP etc links.
    5. Do not alter submissions after being submitted.
    6. Do not submit directtly to files links.
    7. Do not submit demo, shareware or freeware content.
    8. Do not use frame-breaking java-script in your submitted pages.
    9. All submissions must be guest-viewable.
    10. If a password is required, it must be clearly visible.
    11. Do not resubmit downloads which already being submitted.
    12. Do not use link hiding/protecting websites.

    Page Guidelines

    1. Do not use popups on your submitted pages.
    4. Submit no more than 200 downloads per day.
    6. Do not post or display fake links.

    Filehost Guidelines

    1. Recommended FileHosts

    * Rapidgator
    * Keep2share
    * Oboom

    2. Premium Only Files

    This topic is still being written. Other Guidelines will be available soon.
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